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Rachel Mayes

Completely Random

My creative side...Or not!

On this page, I'll show off some of my own work. For example, I might include a short story I've written, or an essay I did for a class that I'm especially proud of.

If I do visual arts such as painting or drawing, I might include some pictures of my work on this page. For example, if I'm a photographer, I might include a photograph I've taken: Unfortunately, I don't have any!!

AS IF!!!!!!!! Who can be bothered to do that, well obviously some people, but not me. (The writing above was something that was on the site template when I got here, grrr!!) AT least it's tiny. You can try and read it if you want, but if you're like me, I wouldn't bother!

This is me, the painter.
Paint and Brush
Do you like it?